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In cooperation with Ecopower, our engine wash system utilizes a certified and proven process to provide a safer, faster, and more environmentally friendly solution to engine cleaning. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and automation, our engine wash system can help improve the performance and longevity of aircraft engines while minimizing environmental impact. This new addition to our suite of automated aircraft services is designed to provide a high level of safety, reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness, making it a valuable asset for our clients in the aviation industry.



Regular engine washing can help maintain the performance and fuel efficiency of an aircraft engine. Over time, dirt, debris, and other contaminants can accumulate on the engine, reducing its effectiveness and increasing fuel consumption. By keeping the engine clean through regular washing, operators can help maintain optimal performance, reducing fuel consumption and saving money on fuel costs.



By keeping engines clean, airlines and operators can improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and extend the life of their engines. The savings can be significant – studies have shown that engine washing can reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.8%*, which can translate into savings for aircraft operators.

Assuming that an A321 saves an average of 59.85 kg JET A per sector, and flies 3 sectors a day, it would save 179.55 kg JET A per day. In one year, the total savings would be: 179.55 kg JET A/day x 365 days = 65,535.75 kg JET A. OR

0 KG CO2

the equvalet to almost 13 trips around equator in a gas car

See full calculations and references here.



Our engine wash product, used in conjunction with our state-of-the-art robotics, offers a safe and efficient solution for cleaning aircraft engines. Not only does it remove harmful build-up and debris, but it also extends the on-wing time of the engine, allowing it to operate at peak efficiency for longer periods of time. With our advanced technology and EcoServices expertise, we can help our clients reduce maintenance costs, increase aircraft availability, and minimize downtime.



EcoServices LLC is a leader in providing environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to the aviation industry. Their Ecopower engine washing system uses only biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning solutions, making it a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional engine washing methods. This system is not only eco-friendly, but it also improves engine performance and fuel efficiency, ultimately saving airlines money on fuel costs. We are proud to partner with EcoServices to provide our customers with a sustainable and effective engine washing tool for our robotics system.

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We’re excited to announce that we’re collaborating with EcoServices to develop a new multi-functional tool for our state-of-the-art robot. This tool will allow us to expand our range of services and provide even more efficient solutions for our clients. By combining our expertise with EcoServices’ innovative technologies, we’re confident that we can continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs.